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Fifteen Lakh patients treated till date

Significant Contributions

1. Treating 200 plus cases every day since 1981.

Dr. B. T. Rudresh interacts directly with an average of 150 to 200 patients from Dr. B. T. Rudresh interacts directly with an average of 150 to 200 patients from his clinic in Gandhibazar. He has even ensured the spreading of benefits to patients by his daily diagnosis, come rain or shine.

2. Blessing 2000 plus infertile couples with the experience of parenthood after treatment within Four years.

Two thousand infertile couples are now blessed with the experience of parenthood after treatment, thanks to the sincere efforts of Dr. B. T. Rudresh and his expertise in the Homoeopathic methodology.

3. Radical cure administered for an outburst of Dropsy during its outbreak in Delhi.

During 1999 the incidence of Dropsy reached, what seemed like, epidemic proportions in Delhi. The cases were telecast on the audiovisual media accompanied with statements that bore proof to a feeling of helplessness that had unceasingly set in, in the light of the fact that no definitive cure was known.

4. Generating public awareness regarding Homoeopathy through the print, audio & the audio-visual Media.

A day in the life of Dr. B. T. Rudresh goes beyond the basic service that he extends to his patients in his crusade to brighten the pores of life with the aid of the scientific system of Homoeopathy. For his professional interest advances well beyond his clinic as he has taken it upon himself to build awareness in the community regarding Homoeopathy.

5. A path breaking paper presented on “Homoeopathy in Cancer”.

In 1995, an international conference on Cancer conducted by the Vivekananda Yoga Kendra, included the participation of specialists in the field of Oncology in Bangalore.

6. Provision of Cost-efficient Medical Service to the community at large.

When one third population of India fights for a square meal, Dr.Rudresh allows his patients to pay what one can.

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